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aluminum composite paper

Structure: PET + printing + paper + glue + al + wax

Weight: 90~100 gsm

Usual used for outer paper.

1. Specifications:

Any size in sheet or roll is available

2. Logo and Design:

Buyers' logo and design are welcome, can be printed on paper in 1~8 colors(any color in Pantone Color) as per specification.

3. Color:

We can print paper with any color you can find in Pantone Color.

4. Feature:

Our printed paper is dampproof and ventilative!

5. Usage:

Used for food and medicine Printed  wrapping  paper  improves  the  image  of  the  product,  creats  separate  identity  and  keeps  you  ahead in the  race.

We are appreciated if you can send us the samples that we can confirm the exact paper for you.

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