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Hot selling food grade bubble gum base halal chewing gum base

1)Type of gum base  


gum base



It is fit to produce common various type bubble gum,

in hot area or cold area.

Be fit for acid.




It is fit to produce high quality bubble gum in hot area.


It is fit to produce high quality bubble gum in cold area.





It is fit to produce high quality bubble gum,

they don’t become hard during in chewing.





gum base series


High quality of master gum base


Low quality of master gum base


gum base

LIFU-LM series

It is fit to be used to produce GOOD stick chewing gum and

capsule chewing gum.

It is fit to be used in area with high temperature or low temperature.

LIFU-LV series

It is fit to be used to produce drageeing type chewing gum.

2) Main ingredients of gum base?
Gum base is the non-nutritive, non-digestible, water insoluble masticator delivery system used to carry sweeteners,

flavors and any other desired substances in chewing gum and bubble gum.  Its generally consists of ingredients are:

Food grade rubber, ester gum, microcrystalline wax, emulsifiers, fillers, antioxidants.

3) Exquisite processing technology

In order to ensure the good quality of every gram of raw materials, rigorous testing before being put in storage.
In order to ensure consistency of product quality, we control the temperature of the production, pressure, and each feeding time accurately .
According to the requirements various product, we strict control the time of discharging and speed.
We use the special filter to ensure that the gum base does not contain any impurities.
Before packaging, carefully check sampling work and every piece of gum base is inspected through metal detector detection.

4)Different Shapes
At present we have four different shapes of gum base, depending on customer needs, and processing technology of the gum base:
Solid forms: Slabs / Sheets / Block  

Special forms: Pellets / powder

5) Appearance

Grayish white or light straw solid. It is delicate and smooth. It is pure and has no odor. The above materials are all food additives. Not dangerous goods.

We supply gum base with various specifications for gum production, such as: bazooka bubble gum, stick chewing gum, ball gum, dragee gum... the gum base also could be factured as customers' own specifications.

6)Packing carton:  

7) Production Process:

8) Inspection:

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